Aluta At GPRTU…Old Executives Accuse Current Executives Of Fraud And Abuse Of Power

Confusion rocks the National Chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) of Ghana Trade Union Congress (TUC), AlhajiYaw Manu over mismanagement of office.

The old executives of the union have described the leadership style of the new executives as corrupt, fraud and abuse of office.

They are calling on the current executives to account for their stewardship now while the National Chariman, Alhaji Yaw Manu and cohorts must step down because they are ex-convicts.

Mr. Kofi Akins, a former National Chairman of GPRTU told the press that Alhaji Yaw Manu, Kwame Kumah, Benjamin KwesiAnsah, Stephen K. Okudzeto, all executives of GPRTU and ex-part TheophilusAnkamah were indicted.

These men, executives of GPRTU were each convicted by a judge, Justice N.C.A. Agbevor, a Commercial High Court in Sekondi on Friday 8thJune, 2012 for contempt.

Accordingly, the Judge sentenced each to one day’s imprisonment and award cost of GHC1000 in favour of the applicants.

This, according to Kofi Akins, the executives must step down because article 13 (h) of the union’s constitution stipulates that “any member who has been convicted on a criminal offence shall be disqualified from contesting elections.”

It further states that “if the fact of criminality is established after election, such person(s) shall automatically be removed from office and a report made to the appropriate level of authority”

“Apart from being ex-convicts, there were other issues amounting to violation of the constitution of the union,” he noted.

Mr. Akins added that these same executives which he normally addressed them as ex-convicts opened new branches in some of the regions without the recommendations and approval of the regional secretariat.

Mr. Akins explained that National secretariat coordinates the activities of all the regions, regions coordinates activities of all the branches and branches of that of local.

So National Secretariat cannot surpass the region and engage the branches in any activity otherwise considered as violation of the constitution.

He noted that GHC54,000 were collected from union members in one of the region as deposit for buses, the buses arrive and yet nobody was given neither the buses nor the monies back.

According to Mr. Akins, what they have just detected as at last week was that these ex-convicts has secretly managed to register GPRTU of TUC as a limited liability company without approval of the union members.

“We have nothing personal against them, this is about corruption, abuse of office and fraud,” he stated.

Anytime anybody tries to questions some of the unpleasant decisions of the current management ends up been suspended without the due process.

Meanwhile, article 23 (c) indicates that suspension of officers should not be carried out on mere allegations. Preliminary investigations must be conducted into the allegations for prima facie to be established before the accused officer is suspended.

Then an Interim Management Committee (IMC) shall be established where the GPRTU boss shall act as the chairman of the committee, a clear conflict of interest.

Mr. Akins had it that in 2009, 100 Yutong buses were given by adbBank meant for union members to be distributed across all the ten regions meanwhile the GPRTU boss and his executives took junk part of the new buses including his son who is not a member of the union.

The document had it recorded that the GPRTU boss took five buses, his son acquired 3 buses including his executives which is against the constitution that under no account can one person take 5 buses alone.

According to them, the GPRTU boss has succeeded in circumventing the union constitution just to promote for his personal agrandisement.

Meanwhile, the National Chairman, Alhaji Yaw Manu and his executives, in an interview with the Punch at their office, denied all the allegations, suspecting that they were deliberate gimmicks by the old executives to get him out of office.

According to Akins, a former National Chairman, indicated that the union even owes five banks and at the interim they shall soon come out with all the details and documents after they have established their deep investigations.

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