Al-Shabab Attack…"Clearest Indication" Of Terrorist Group’s "Cowardice"

Kwesi Pratt Jnr., member of the Socialist Forum and Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, has described Al-Shabab as a militant group teemed with “cowards”; a reason why they attack innocent souls.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Gold, Mr. Pratt indicated the assault by the terrorist group is the “clearest indication of their cowardice.”

He wondered why the group did not vent its spleen on the Military but on civilians.

He warned the militant group not to use the Quran as the basis for their atrocious crimes in the world since “nowhere in the Quran, nowhere in the teaching of Islam is it advocated that innocent people or persons who are not Muslims should be slaughtered. It is not in consonance with any Islamic principle. These are people who have subverted Islam itself, who are making Islam so unattractive.”

All terrorists including the members of the militant group, Al-Shabab, he noted, “are absolutely cowards.”

He also expressed his deepest condolences to the family of the late Professor Kofi Awoonor.

“Professor Kofi Awoonor was certainly a very great man. He was Poet. He was an intellectual. He was an author. He was a Statesman. He was a political activist. This is a huge man and his loss in such circumstances is most painful,” Kwesi Pratt said.


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Al-Shabab Attack…"Clearest Indication" Of Terrorist Group’s "Cowardice"

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