Akufo-Addo blames internal wrangling on external forces; says crisis is exaggerated

The 2016 presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is blaming the deepening cracks in his party on instigation from forces outside the NPP.

The division in the largest opposition party has turned into a full blown crisis over the past few months.

The party’s Asylum Down headquarters has particularly been a venue of violent clashes.

However, addressing party supporters in the UK over the weekend, the two-time presidential candidate says the facts have been overly embellished.

“I know many of you are concerned about the internal wrangling in our party, we are doing our best to bring sanity and peace. You can also help; don’t inflame the situation from afar.

“I want to urge you not to be dispirited by what you hear about the internal wrangling, much of it is exaggerated and we now have cause to believe a lot of it is being instigated from outside the party”, he stated.

Last week the party held a press conference where its Acting National Chairman, Freddy Blay accused the government of using elements within the party and national security to foment troubles in the party.

But Akufo-Addo has urged party supporters to remain determined and stay together because that is the only way the party will come out strong.

“I ask you to pray for our party and support the work of its organs, we should not forget one thing; we are the heirs of the noblest tradition in Ghanaian politics and the most durable”.

Our tradition has survived the deaths detentions and exile of the first republic, it has survived the various military takeovers of our history, out of it all it has emerged the most formidable political party in our country with the clearest message of freedom, progress and prosperity, he pointed out.

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