AG’s case against Woyome was stillbirth, of entertainment value – Atta Akyea

Legal practitioner, Atta Akyea has derided a recently rejected criminal case mounted by the Attorney General against businessman Alfred Woyome, stressing that the state went to court to merely entertain Ghanaians.

Atta Akyea in his assessment suggested that the Attorney General also went to court ill prepared without gathering the necessary evidence needed to successfully prosecute the case.

The Supreme Court on March 3 freed Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a known financier of the governing party, who was standing trial for causing financial loss to the state and defrauding by false pretence in a controversial C51 million judgement debt case.

But Mr. Akyea who is the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa South told Samson Lardy Anyenini, host of Joy FM/Multi TV news analysis programme Newsfile, that the Attorney General went to court with a case that “was stillborn”.

The MP indicated that a leaked internal memo from the Attorney General’s Department that was used against the state by the accused (Woyome) speaks volume of the state’s mindset to “create, loot and share”. The confidential memo was brooding over the fact that the state had a weak case against the accused.

He discounted the possibility of the state winning an appeal it has filed against the High Court’s ruling acquitting and discharging Mr. Woyome.

In his view, the state has already given out its “ammunition” in reference to the leaked tape, thus doubting if the AG has anything to shore up proceedings at the appeal.

To make matters worse, claims by former AG Betty Mould-Idrissu that the state was justified in paying the judgement debt juxtaposed with the state’s position that Woyome obtained the money under false pretence show that the current AG’s case was pregnant with “monumental contradictions”.

“How can the Attorney General’s Department have concrete evidential support for the payment at one breath, and then you turn around and come and say that look this man has defrauded us, when you sanctioned the payment…this whole trial was stillborn. My justification is that whenever you want to prosecute an individual, you should to bring incriminating evidence…

 “There is a calculation from the Attorney General’s Department that if we should ever field these ones (former ministers) they will be embarrassed, another word of saying that the case will collapse.

“So therefore, what kind of criminal prosecution are you doing, choosing here [and there], let’s try and entertain. I am of the view…this was a case of some entertainment value…I can tell you, I will repeat it because it’s of entertainment value in so far as they didn’t believe the case; but let’s make an attempt to make the public happy that we are desirous of prosecuting the man who we have signed at one breath that he is entitled to the money but now we have to reprobate that he is not entitled to the money. Then at the end of the day let’s say that, well we did our best but the judiciary set him free.”

Lawyer and former Chief of Staff Nana Ato Dadzie who was also on the show concurred with Mr. Atta Akyea that the case was stillborn.

Nana Ato Dadzie who happens to be the counsel for Betty Mould-Idrissu said his client might have erred administratively in the judgement debt but that would not amount to criminality.

Listen to Atta Akyea and Nana Ato Dadzie

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