Afrinolly To Launch Biggest GSM Market For Nollywood And African Entertainment On Tuesday

Afrinolly To Launch Biggest GSM Market for Nollywood and African Entertainment on Tuesday, November 10, at the 2015 AFRIFF International Film Festival @ Eko Hotel and Suites on Victoria Island, Lagos.

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Desmond Elliot and the Conspiracy of Lagos >

Popular Nollywood actor and promising director Desmond Elliot, who is now a politician and an elected member of the Lagos State House of Assembly is on the cover of “Conspiracy of Lagos”, a sociopolitical crime thriller on the challenges, temptations and trials of living and working in Lagos, the most populated state in Nigeria. It is written by Bisi Daniels, the leading adventure novelist in Africa’s most populous country..

*”Conspiracy of Lagos” Chronicles the Vicious Circle of Lagos Life*

“You don’t want the Hitler effect, do you?”

“No! The Bill Clinton effect,” she said, and shot him a knowing wink.

What is the Hitler effect in contrast to the Bill Clinton effect?

You have to read the “Conspiracy of Lagos” to find out.

This novel is a clear departure from Bisi Daniels’ thrilling novels on

Peter Abel, the daring investigative journalist whose adventures have been

chronicled in his previous novels.”Conspiracy of Lagos” is a romantic

thriller, a political thriller and social documentary of Lagos rolled into

one narrative novel.
Bisi Daniels’ novel, “Conspiracy of Lagos” is perhaps the first truly

picaresque novel on the adventurous, dangerous and mysterious lives of

those living in the mega city of Lagos, the New York of Nigeria.

It is a sociopolitical romantic thriller that keeps you reading until the

last word.Reading “Conspiracy of Lagos” is like watching a movie of the

agonies and ironies of Lagos as experienced by Thomas Katta, the brilliant

graduate of Sociology from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), who left

his humble life as a teacher in his hometown of Moso in search of better

financial prospects in Lagos. But Lagos would change the life of the Johnny

Just Come (JJC) as we call every newcomer in this awesome city.

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