African Mayors Calls For Debt Relief From IMF And World Bank

The Global Alliance of Mayors from Africa and of Africa descent has called on the International Monetary fund (IMF) and World Bank to cancel the debts of the three Ebola hit nations.

In an interview with Ghanaian Observer, the president of the group, Dr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije said the measure will help reduce pressure on the countries.

He said “Looking at the situation, several lives have been lost already, who is going to pay the debt? Families have been rendered homeless without the elders, without the parents, children there have been made orphans. If the trend continues who is going to pay? So you may have a situation where the debt is only on paper but you won’t find people to go and hold responsible.

He added that whilst we are mobilizing resources to go and aid them in this condition, the best that we can do for them in this condition is a relief from heart, from the head and from the stomach that they can sleep peacefully.”

Meanwhile the Mayor of Texas, Mr. Frank Donald Jackson has declared his full support for the call saying that is the only way western countries can show solidarity to Africa.

“Africa has helped the world materials have been taken out of Africa (which) has enriched Europe, it has enriched United States. My people labored as slaves for free. Africa has paid its debt so now it’s time for the community to help Africa back on its feet, “he emphasized.

The Ebola outbreak has killed over 5,000 persons.

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