African Innovations Award 2016 call for Applications

Application Deadline: November 30 2015
Are you between the ages of 18 & 40? Do you have a revolutionary idea in Education, Science & Technology, Agricultural/Agribusiness, Healthcare and Energy? How about a solution that can improve the lives of millions of people on the African continent?

On April 9th, 2016, The African Innovations Award (AIA) will host its first –ever African Innovations award gala night during the 2nd Annual TEDxAccra event in Accra, Ghana.

This innovative competition will explore cutting-edge ideas, tools, information and technologies that can help to improve the lives of people on our continent.


  1. The African Innovations Award submission process will run from Tuesday, September 1st , 2015 to Monday November 30th , 2015.
  2. Selection partners will choose 15 innovative ideas, 3 from each category to contest for the award during the 15minutes presentation to our panel of judges at the African Innovations Demonstration Talk during the week of TEDxAccra 2016.

Selection Criteria
The winning innovations are determined based on the products’ uniqueness and their potential contribution to socio-economic development in Africa through increased efficiency and cost savings.

Seven criteria to be considered:

  1. Originality: The uniqueness of the product and its superiority in comparison with similar or alternative products in the market;
  2. Marketability: The extent to which the innovation sufficiently addresses the problem it seeks to solve at a price or model that is accessible to the target market;
  3. Scalability: The extent to which the solution can be easily applied to other similar markets beyond the applicant’s immediate or local environment;
  4. Social impact: The ability of the innovation to create or effect positive or desirable changes within the target community and beyond;
  5. Scientific/Technical aspects: For tangible technical/scientific products; this refers to extent to which the technical specifications of the innovation are grounded on established science and sufficiently address any anticipated product risks.
  6. Gender and disability: How far various innovations went in properly integrating gender and disability perspectives to their projects. This has become a critical part of any futuristic innovation
  7. Sustainable Development: Every innovation will also be assessed on how environmentally friendly their product or service is and how well the whole project supports the course of sustainable development


  1. All five winners, in each category will receive $5000 each and other prizes from our sponsors.

Be sure to bring your best ideas to the table! And who knows, maybe your next innovative idea will be the next big solution to some of our problems on Africa continent.

To apply, visit or

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