Afia Siriboe Returns On Christmas Day

Afia Siriboe

Afia Siriboe

Ghana’s King of Comedy, KSM, has confirmed that all is set for his talk of the town comedy show, ‘Afia Siriboe’, in a theatre performance called ‘Dead Goat Wahala’.

The play is a carefully scripted political satire that touches on a number of current happenings in the country’s political and social fraternity. It stages on Christmas day, December 25, at the National Theatre in Accra.

“Believe me, it is a script you would love. It would be a vintage performance full of humour and political wit,” KSM promised and explained that the character ‘Afia Siriboe’ is his all time favourite.

“Afia Siriboe has remained my favourite character. She sells out, fills the seats  and brings in the cash. The public also love her and she’s the favourite of many. I don’t really know why but I think there is something unique about her the people love to see,” he noted.

KSM has over the years built a loyal Christmas day theatre audience which turns up at the National Theatre to get entertained through his professional stand-up comedies and solo drama.

And one of the favourite characters KSM has played on stage is Afia Siriboe, a 60-year-old urban Ghanaian mother with an overdose of humour and wits. She is portrayed as a highly confident African woman with a good sense of ‘trendy’ fashion and as someone very current in social and national issues.

“I try to talk about the wrong things we do in society so we change our ways. Most times, people get the joke but hardly change. I also try my best not to offend people even when I am talking a joke about them and they are in the auditorium. I have invited people to entertain and not to offend them and this comes with a lot of preparation and professional tact,” KSM noted.

‘Dead Goat Wahala’ would be staged twice—in the afternoon and then evening—at the National Theatre on Christmas day.

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