Afari-Gyan Must Take His Retirement Package And Leave Quietly

The debate on the election petition verdict at the Supreme Court, which was read on the 29th of August, 2013, still rages on. This time, the argument is on the recommendations made in the ruling.

The apex court suggested that there must be improvement in Ghana electoral system but went on to confirm President Dramani Mahama, as the winner of the 2012 presidential polls.

Although there seem to be a consensus regarding the issue of reforms in the electoral system, there is also the clarion call for a change in the leadership of the Electoral commission (EC).

According to a member of the council of the Elders of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Eugene Antwi, there should be a new person at the helms of the affairs of the EC that would be acceptable to all parties, to implement the ‘new reforms’.

‘who is going to lead the EC to implement these reforms? I am certain and very confident that it would not be Dr. Afari Djan. Afari Djan, I believe he has been an impediment to reforms this country wanted to implement before 2012. So if Dr. Afari Djan is going on retirement, the government of Ghana needs to find a nice retirement package for himto leave the scene quietly, put a fresh guy there, who is going to be more receptive to the reforms’.

‘I think Dr. Afari Djan must quietly make way. I think he is in his retirement age now..I don’t think he should be the one implementing the reforms,’ Mr. Antwi argued.

Mr. Eugene Antwi made this submission on Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana show’ on Monday, during a panel discussion on the recommendations by the highest court of the land, with respect to the election petition ruling.

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Afari-Gyan Must Take His Retirement Package And Leave Quietly

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