AFAG Demo Now Nov. 12

Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie
The police have finally agreed to allow the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) to go ahead with its planned ‘Aagbe wo’ demonstration. It is scheduled for Wednesday, November 12.

The protest is against the harsh prevailing socio-economic conditions in the country under President Mahama and the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

‘Aagbe wo,’ which is a Ga expression, literally translated is ‘We are being killed.’

The demonstration was originally scheduled to come off on Thursday, November 6, but the police managed to secure an interim court injunction to stop the organizers.

But a statement issued yesterday by leadership of the group said the ”Aagbe Wo’ demonstration will now to be held on Wednesday, 12 November.’

This was after a meeting with the regional security team, since the organizers of the demonstration were bent on having the event within one week of postponement.

‘Though we had wanted to seek a proposed date within a week in court, had our expected date of 12 November been denied, AFAG is no longer considering such action’, it noted.

Leadership of the pressure group has advised the Ghana Police Service ‘to be on top of regional programmes needing their support so as to avert any unnecessary clash with the police in future.’

The organizers have given the assurance that the event would be peaceful as always and that ‘The will of the people will triumph over evil,’ insisting, ‘We need to fight for our freedom from the bondage of corruption and universal suffrage facing majority of Ghanaians caused by the greedy appointees of the NDC government.’

They also promised to shake the foundations of corruption under the Mahama administration since according to AFAG Chairman, Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie, ‘Corruption has become more of the norm than the exception’ under President John Mahama and his ruling National Democratic Congress government.

According to him, ‘No week passes without another act of corruption being exposed under the NDC regime.’

He underscored, ‘This well-organised and despicable crime against the good people of this country has dwindled the economic fortunes of the state and virtually every household in Ghana.’

Aside that, he said, ’The economic mess is debilitating. No consistent supply of electricity and water, yet we pay everincreasing tariffs on utilities. World market price of oil is on the decline yet we are paying high prices for petrol and its related products. They say the dollar is falling against the cedi yet import duties are so high that various trading companies are folding up and the price of items soaring. Cost of living is so high. The home we have is now a hell to live in. Mr. President, Ghanaians are maiming. The economy is hot and killing (Aagbe Wo)”.

It was for this reason that he stressed the need for Ghanaians to ‘rise up and stand for our rights.’

BY Charles Takyi- Boadu

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