Adwoa Safo Congratulates Nana

Member of Parliament for Dome /Kwabenya, Hon Adwoa Safo has joined many high profile personalities to congratulate the 2012 presidential candidate for the New patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo for proving to the world that he is a man of peace and therefore entrenching his hold that the peace and development of the nation is what is paramount to him and not his selfish parochial interest.

She said Nana Addo’s quick, timely and apt response in accepting the verdict of the Supreme Court is what saved the nation from imminent collapse by dousing the apparent tension that had engulfed the nation.

She noted that if the statement of acceptance of the court verdict had delayed for a moment, she couldn’t imagine what the nation would be going through by now and further asked the world to hail him. A number of international personalities have hailed Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo for his show of strength in deepening the country’s democracy.

Speaking on behalf of the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki Moon, Ambassador Djinnit said the UN has always been convinced about the strength of Ghana’s democracy but this latest achievement has impressed the world and part of the credit is to Akufo-Addo for his for his positive attitude.

Sounding quite emotional, the Ambassador said “as an African, I continue to feel proud.”

He said the UN also admires Nana Addo’s decision to go to court rather than hit the street and commended the entire leadership of the party for managing the keeping their supporters in check during the entire duration of the petition and even after.

He lauded Nana Akufo-Addo’s capacity and competences, expressing confidence in his ability to help with the growth and development of Ghana even in these circumstances.

In a statement released to the press, the Lawyer Adwoa Safo said Nana Addo’s impeccable record of service to the nation was once again clearly shown when he forthrightly accepted the final mandatory verdict of the Supreme Court which was jaundiced with so much ambiguities and confusions. She noted that, but for that timely intervention, the nation would be swimming in chaos.

She said Nana Addo is a well-deserved true statesman and an icon of peace whose exemplary leadership has helped to shape the nation’s democracy to what it is now.

Adwoa Safo also admonished politicians to desist from mudslinging their political opponents just for the purpose of achieving their selfish parochial interest. Corroborating the claim, she said Nana who has been a target of scorn and contempt by his political opponents, was badly labeled and branded as a violent person as they persistently threw dirt on his snow-white well deserved and impeccable public and service record. Today this same man whom many had perceived to be violent as a result of how his political opponents had branded him, had to provide the Midas touch to save the country from chaos.

Hon Adwoa Safo who is also a procurement lawyer also said that, even though the Supreme Court verdict is rather unfortunate and surprising, she has urged all political leaders, members, supporters and sympathizers of political parties to have faith in the Lord and believe in the fact that He does His things in His own time. She has therefore called on all and sundry to allow the court’s decision to be an eye opener, calling on every Ghanaian to reflect and forge forward in unity as they adequately prepare for 2016.


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Adwoa Safo Congratulates Nana

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