Adoption Is The New Pregnant


Wikipedia defines “Adoption” as a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological or legal parent or parents, and, in so doing, permanently transfers all right and responsibilities, along with filiation, from the biological parent or parents.

Fast rising reggae / dancehall recording artist Aksongstress, signed to Paradise Entertainment, one of the top notch record labels in the history of showbiz in Ghana has decided to touch on a very isolated but sensitive and very important social issue in the country by creating an awareness about ” ADOPTION ” through music which she titles “Call for Adoption”. The genre of the song is reggae and it’s slated to be released on Saturday 23rd January 2016.

Aksongstress is an awesome artist. Her voice is so unique, yet she still remains humble (and very down to earth). She doesn’t need to exert so much effort in order to reach the highest note. Her voice is so genuine and her songs are so catchy.. She isn’t that popular worldwide yet, but she must and she will be.. She deserves to be in number 1 and not in the 63rd. Since she’s the voice of the people most especially every music lover or music listeners, so therefore she’s using that as a platform to put an end to stigmatization of barren women and also ignite hope to orphans in the various orphanage homes in the country (Ghana) and across the globe.

According the Bass awards female vocalist of the year 2015, there are no lost children but rather lost families. All Ak is trying to put across is we must extend love to the orphans because their families are lost, they are not sidekicks. It is no sin to adopt a child from the orphanage homes to show the love, care and support.

She’s forced to diatribe the issue of adoption in the country. Why this? When issues relating to adoption surfaces up, it’s an issue that’s mostly closemouthed or uncommunicative because it is believed to be a big issue to the western world or the white people.

It’s about time Ghanaians sit up and annihilate the issues of “adoption” and deal with it harmoniously because orphans are big deal in Africa especially Ghana. There are million people in Ghana who can put smile on the faces of orphans, street children, the less privileged, the poor and needy, etc just to reduce crime cases like armed robbery, rape, murder, just to mention a few.

As Aksongstress is engrossing the issue of “adoption” the current president of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, was once an orphan, he was adopted by the former or Ex Gabonese president, Umar Bongo, trust you me. For those who are too quick at concluding on other peoples potential or use people’s current situation to goof on the less privileged especially orphans and barren women, better think twice. Even the destitute you avoid today could be your bread winner tomorrow.

Finally, if a whole ruling president was discovered in an orphanage home in Gabon, do we have a close idea how many presidents, lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, farmers, etc we are ignoring in our various orphanage homes? This is a big question for the masses. Di Don Danna is entreating those with the upper hands to take a step in the right direction by extending love and support to the innocent poor orphans. The paramount reason for the song “Call For Adoption” is to end the stigmatisation of barren women and give hope to the orphans. At the end of the day we’re distant relatives.

NB : The fact that Aksongstress is bringing the issue of adoption to book doesn’t mean people should be giving birth aimlessly.

Below is a picture of the sitting or ruling president of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba, in the the orphanage home in his early stages before he was adopted. He has been circled out in the picture.


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