Adom TV’s ‘Asumasem’ discusses witchcraft

Adom TV’s new mystery programme ‘Asumasem’ will tonight discuss witchcraft.

‘Asumansem’, a traditional mystery show is the latest addition to the list of exciting and educational programming the station has churned out over the years.

Hosted by the popular storyteller, Agya Brefa, the show will tonight discuss witchcraft, delve into understanding whether it exists, and its effects on society.

Agya Brefa will be joined by seasoned guests who will help discuss this sensitive topic.

Set behind a hut, a make-believe moon and dim lighting, the stage creates the perfect scene for evening story-telling, which is expected to strike a nerve with Adom’s local language audience.

The show airs every Wednesday at 10pm. The phone lines will be activated for callers to also contribute to the discussion.

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