Adom TV’s Asumasem discusses story of girl kidnapped by dwarfs

Asumasem this Wednesday explores the kingdom of dwarfs. It tells the story of a girl who went missing some years ago triggering national concern after the police searched for her without success.

It was, however, revealed later by a Dwarf Priest that the girl had been kidnapped by dwarfs. The girl returned some months later, clothed in a spiritual gown given to her by the dwarfs.

The priests who revealed the whereabouts of the girl is coming on Asumasem this Wednesday with the girl to tell us all the mysteries and untold realities about dwarfs.

This year for example, NDC National Womens’ Organiser claimed that dwarfs were responsible for the record depreciation of the cedi against major trading currency.

Are dwarfs real?
Hosted by Agya Brefa who has a vast knowledge in such aspects of life, Asumasem has already dealt with the topic of curses and witchcraft.  

To satisfy your curiosity about dwarfs and get to know all you need to know about them, make a date this Wednesday on Asumasem from 10pm to 11pm.

ASUMASEM… nea ahinta yedan adiee!!!.
Viewers should make a date every Wednesday at 10pm only on Adom TV – ye wo adzea oye!!!

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