Adjei Kojo Demolition By TDC Is Illegal—Atta Akyea

Lawyer Atta Akyea

Lawyer Atta Akyea

The recent forced eviction by the Tema Development Corporation at Adjei Kojo in the Tema Municipality has incurred a wide condemnation by civil society groups and individuals.

The latest to join the fray is a Human Right Lawyer and Member of Parliament for Akim Abuakwa South Constituency, Samuel Atta Kyea who castigated the TDC for what he describes as an illegality.

Several properties were flattened by heavy bulldozers upon the orders of the TDC rendering thousands of residents some of whom are pregnant women and their children homeless.

Already the Tema branch of the Governing National Democratic Congress has called for the head of the Managing Director of the TDC, Mr Joe Abbey.

Lawyer Atta Kyea in an interview with Pravda News described the act by TDC as not only draconian, but also illegal.

The MP has also condemned the attitude of local Assemblies watching people to construct houses and become full residents of a given place and suddenly get up and reduce their hard earned investments to nothing, all in the name of demolishing.

“I can assure you things of the future needs to be looked at again”, he stated. He admonished people to seek legal action against the assembly in order to ascertain whether the demolition carried out was right.

The legislator also questioned the legal impetus sought by the TDC to undertake the demolition at Adjei Kojo.

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