Add Value To Yourself To Be Respected, Assembly Members Advised

Assembly members have been told to do thing that will add value to their personalities and the office they hold and others will positively respond to that by giving them the needed respect.

This, is according to Hon. Castro Addae, Assembly Member for Community 2 electoral area in Akim Oda.

Reminiscing Pastor Doctor Mensah Otabil’s “your pay is your price” mantra, Hon. Addae said no one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. “Due to the low incentives in this position, most people do not see the position of the Assembly Member as worthy of respecting.” He said.

“But this can change if the Assembly Members themselves do things that will add value to their personalities and the office they occupy.” He added.

Hon. Addae was speaking to me after he inaugurated an office to be used as “OFFICE OF THE ASSEMBLY MEMBER”. When asked the rationale for the office, he said it is important for the Assembly Member to get a permanent place where his/her constituent can meet him. He said the situation where Assembly Members use their rooms and houses as offices should not be entertained. This has therefore been done so that at all times anybody who wants to see the Assembly Member can walk in there to see him.

He added that a permanent office assistant will be employed so that even if people go to the office to meet the absence of the Assembly Member, they can lodge their complaints with the office staff for the Assembly member to be able to work on them.

He added that, there are no ECG pay points in his area. People therefore have to walk several miles or sit in taxis for several minutes before they can get to an ECG pay point to pay their bills. The office will therefore also serve as an ECG pay point for the people in the area to help alleviate the hustle of the people.

Again, he added that people who have their wards in second cycle institutions who do not have post office addresses which often leads to their wards results slips getting lost can use the address of the office of the assembly member so that at all material times, they can check from the office if the results are in and others can even use the post office address for other purposes other than just the posting of results.

Hon. Addae promised to do all he can within his powers to help the community. He therefore pleaded with members of the community to cooperate with him so that they can all work hard to develop the community. Some members of the community who came around praised him for the wonderful initiative taken.

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