Adama: “If I beat this guy, I’m gonna be like the president in Africa!”

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Date: 30-01-2014 Time: 01:01:38:pm

On February 1st, Osumanu “Machine Gun” Adama (22-3, 16 KOs) challenges WBA middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (28-0, 25 KOs) in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Despite representing Ghana in the 2000 Olympics, never being stopped and challenging for a world title for a second time, Adama remains a relatively unknown fighter who has been brushed aside in this matchup by many as nothing more than a B-side knockout victim.

In the following interview, Adama acknowledges that he’s a “Nobody” looking for a chance to prove himself. The fighter discusses his strengths and what this fight means for his career plus boxing in Africa.

Everyone wants to know, who is Osumanu Adama and how did he get this fight?

I’m the guy who is always willing to fight anybody in the world. You know, I’m a nobody but I just want the chance to prove to everybody and all of my supporters that I am somebody and that I can be world champion.

Despite being relatively unknown, you had an extensive amateur experience. Can you elaborate on your amateur experience and accomplishments?

I had a very good amateur record, and I tried hard to make it to the top.

You had international exposure and even made it to the Olympics?

Correct. You know, in America nobody knows me, but I was in the Olympics in Sydney, and I won my national championship and the West Africa Championship before I came to box in the States.

What brought you to the US?

I was born in Ghana and raised in Ghana and started boxing from nowhere. I would go to the gym everyday early in the morning and soon everybody started to know that I was going to be someone. Everybody knows that boxing is here in the States. If you want to become a world champion, you have to come to the States.

What is life like back in Ghana for your family?

I have two children back home in Ghana and boxing is what I do to support everybody back home. You know, back home and throughout West Africa everybody knows me and supports me and prays for me. They send their support and want me to train hard to make it to become world champion. When I win, this will be a win for Africa.

How big of a star would you be in Ghana if you beat Golovkin?

If I beat this guy, I’m gonna be like the president in Africa (laughs). Boxing in Africa is really down right now, and if I beat this guy it will prove that Africa has the best boxers in the world. This fight is very important for boxing in Africa, and I won’t let them down.

Adama vs Carasquillo-6How disappointed are you that this bout is not going to be televised in the US?

It doesn’t bother me. You know, I’m going to prove to the world that I am a world champion, and once the fight starts, they’re going to know that they picked the wrong guy.

Despite your experience and amateur accomplishments, when you have stepped up against competition like Donovan George and Daniel Geale, you have come up short. What happened in those bouts?

When I came to the States, I didn’t know anybody so when they called me against George, I took the fight because I needed the money. I was too small and just took the fight for money. I needed the money. I have no excuses for Danny Geale, but this is boxing. Everyone loses sometimes, and on February 1st, it’s Golovkin’s time to lose!

Why are things going to be different when you face Golovkin?

Everything is just better. I’ve had time to prepare, and my conditioning is perfect. I’ve had great sparring with Donovan George and Andrew Fonfara. My camp has been extra long because I’ve had fights delayed and cancelled. I’m in great shape and ready to upset him.

Did you work on anything special?

No, I’m going to fight my fight the way I fight. He’s the same as everybody else. This is boxing, and I’m going to use my boxing to beat him.

A lot of people believe Golovkin is one of the best fighters in the world. Have you felt belittled or overlooked during the prefight hype?

This is boxing, and he’s gotta make a name for himself, so it doesn’t bother me. When the fight is over, it’s going to be good for me that everyone thought he was the best. I am sure I am going to win this fight. Trust me. I wish you could watch it.

Adama vs Carasquillo-7What is going to be your big advantage against Golovkin?

The difference with me is that I’m not scared of Golovkin. Most of his opponents are too scared before they even get in the ring. I’m not going to run. I’m going to outbox him from the start, and my hand speed will be the difference. My hand speed. That’s all I’m going to tell you. You will see.

Some have speculated that this fight is happening because Golovkin is looking for a cheap opponent while working to improve on some of his weaknesses. What do you think of that and what are his weaknesses?

Like I said, they chose the wrong man. I’m going to win. Trust me.

What about Golovkin’s weaknesses?

You know, that’s up to my trainers. I don’t care about that much. It’s boxing.

What is one thing you have to be careful of against a fighter like Golovkin?

He’s a strong fighter, and you have to be careful the whole time like when Martinez fought Chavez Jr. I’m just gonna outbox him the whole time. There’s no running away, just boxing.

Against Rosado, Golovkin showed some vulnerability to the uppercut. Is that something you have been working on or planning to use?

Of course we will use the uppercut, but we are going to use everything. I am ready!

What does Golovkin do well?

He’s a good boxer, and I don’t disrespect no one. He’s a good boxer, but I am going to be the better boxer (laughs). What can I say?

You have a very unique relationship with your manager, Wasfi Tolaymat. Can you elaborate on it?

Wasfi is more than a manager to me; he is like a father. I am very thankful to him and Chicago Fight Club promotions for all that they have done for me. We are going to win the world championship on February 1st.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Whoever wants to listen to me, I want to tell the world that I am going to win this fight. The world is going to be surprised; I am bringing the victory home to Ghana, Chicago and Chicago Fight Club promotions.

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