Actresses willingly offer sex for roles – Nollywood director

Renowned Nollywood movie director Amaechi Ukeje, has rubbished the constant accusations from actresses who claim sexual harassment from producers and directors is rampant in the movie industry.

He instead claims that the actresses keep offering themselves. Showing up naked and sending nude photos just to seduce them for role.

According to him, the men are the ones who deal with unprecedented sexual offers from women and it literally takes the grace of God to avoid sexual temptations from these women.

Addressing the issue of sexual harassment in the industry, Amaechi said:

“The ones who have got talent are not the problem but those ones who have absolutely nothing to offer are the ones harassing us all the time that’s why it’s difficult for producers to resist them.

“I don’t know if it’s like that in other industries but the entertainment industry, especially Nollywood, am saying it with no apology, the directors and producers don’t harass ladies, it’s the other way round.

“These actresses who have no talent harass us sexually just to get what they want. What do you do when they keep sending you nude photos and showing up in your office nude?

“They sexually harass us both physically, on the phone and they really have to be disciplined. For the strong ones among us, we always know how to walk across it but for those who aren’t that strong, it’s difficult for them.”

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