Actress Yvonne Nelson loses ‘son’

A young boy simply referred to as Kweku, whose sad life story inspired the shooting of actress Yvonne Nelson’s upcoming movie, ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’, is dead.

Heartbroken Yvonne Nelson confirmed his death to Newsone on Saturday.

He was five and died on Friday, February 6, two weeks after the production of the new movie in which he played the actress’ son wrapped up.

He was reportedly suffering from a cerebral malformation, a condition that rendered him unable to sit, stand, walk or even talk.

His death came as a surprise to many people who were on the same set with him.

Some of them took to social media to express their shock and also bid him farewell.

“I’m broken! I’m sad! How can you die Kweku, just 2weeks after shooting my movie, playing my son. I’m so sad! RIP. I’ve been crying throughout this afternoon. I’m heartbroken. Life is too sad. RIP my angel,” Yvonne said in her Friday social media posts.

”Really sad day for me…I had so much hope that he was going to get up and walk… Many times they wanted his mom to kill him but she stood strong and I stood behind her. I just left you Kweku …being busy shopping for you, God help me… I’m having nightmare… I love you Kweku. RIP 6years of pain” actress Luckie Lawson, who is close to his family, also said on Instagram.

“When I first met this lovely little boy, his situation touched me so much. I was driven to make an impact in his life, what made me more driven was the fact that he was my name sake Kweku, I fell in love with him. At the mention of his name, he does nothing but puts on the most infectious smile ever. A smile that will give you hope whatever the situation you are in. I can tell you that much. Kweku passed away two weeks after shooting this epic with him. Rest In Peace Kweku. You have told your story,” actor and model Kweku Elliot also

shared his condolences on social media.

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