Action/2015 Ghana Bamboo Bike Road Show To Commemorate International Womens Day

As part of activities to commemorate international women’s day, Action/2015 Ghana in partnership with civil society groups organized two major activities in Greater Accra and Eastern Region respectively. The programme was held on the 8th and 9th March under the theme: “Rethinking Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality in 2015 and Make it Happen”.

The first activity took place in the national capital (Accra) where Miss. Tourism Ghana and Ghana most beautiful (former beauty queen) rode a bamboo bicycle through the principal streets of Accra. The road show started at the ministries through to Kwame NKrumah Museum and ended at the Makola Market where they interacted with the market women and also distributed about one thousand leaflets and brochures to the market women. The objective of the bamboo bicycle road show was to create awareness about action/2015 and showcase the power of women and use 2015 as an opportunity for their voice to be heard both nationally and globally.

According to Miss. Tourism Ghana, “I am happy to be an ambassador for action/2015 Ghana and particularly excited to promote this bamboo bicycle to mark international women’s day as part of my rural community development based project which works to improve educational and equal economic opportunities for women in rural Ghana”.

She noted that project is helping to improve the environment and creating employment opportunities for the youth, women and people with disability.

The former queen of Ghana most beautiful said, like in many other developing countries, women are not only victims of climate change. They are also effective agents of change in relation to adaptation, mitigation and disaster reduction strategies. Their responsibilities in households and communities as guardians of natural resources have prepared them well for livelihood strategies adapted to changing environmental realities. Given their roles in society, (concerning production and reproduction within their family and community) women have important knowledge, skills and experiences for shaping the adaptation process.

The bamboo bike market is still growing and it is growing at a faster rate in its own niche market. With the wind of global warming and climate change issues blowing all over the world, coupled with increasing cost of steel and aluminium, concern for higher fuel prices, the environment and increasing efforts in bicycle advocacy, bicycle ridership has grown over the last few years globally and bicycle enthusiasts all over the world are gradually eyeing bamboo bikes.

As part of action/2015 Ghana advocacy campaigns, continued to urged Government to invest in the establishment of a bamboo plantation to support climate mitigation strategies.

The road show attracted thousands of market women who joined the action/2015 Ghana team in commemoration of international women’s day on the streets of Makola ( Market in the national capital). The road show ended with pledges from the women propagate the message of equality in all forms so that they can all live in dignified lived.

The second activity was an open forum organized in Koforidua in the Eastern Region on the 8th March, 2015 to commemorate international women’s day.

This year, International Women’s Day is focused on the progress women have made since the Beijing Declaration and Platform for action on gender equality was signed in 1993 whiles talking about the achievements over the years women are also even demanding for more greater equality.

The ultimate objective of the open conversation was to create a platform for young women to count various milestones and progress made so far whiles calling for greater equality.

Mr Kenneth Nana Amoateng, coordinator of action 2015/Ghana said that, rural women need equal access to natural resource such as land and water. Investing in women through agriculture, education and child care will make young girls and women stronger to contribute their quota in their communities for national development.

“We stand at the turning point for the future of people and the planet. We must accelerate action and leave no citizens behind. We will raise our voice today for the generations of tomorrow and demand Action,”

“Rethinking Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality in 2015 and Make it Happen”.

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