Action 2015 / Cop21 Climate Rally & Clean-up At Tema Newtown

UN climate Summit that would be held from 30th November to 11th December 2015 in Paris, France, PAYDP Ghana, Abibimman Foundation in collaboration with the Coalition of NGOs organized a cleanup exercise in Tema Newtown Awodon (sealight area), Ghana to kick start the global climate march action in Ghana. ACTION 2015 Coalition and PAYDP Ghana is the leader of various CSO’s such as Mother of all Nations Foundations.

The cleanup exercise was organized with the Help of the assemblyman of the Area, Honourable Joseph Ofori of the Sea light electoral Area. The exercise commenced around eight O’clock in the morning, as the participants were determined and armed with rakes, gloves and brooms. The whole exercise was even boosted by the presence of Miss Tourism 2015, who partook in the cleanup exercise. All and sundry partook in the exercise. Both the old, the young women participated in the exercise. There was breakfast for all participants of the event. Most of the Refuse was made up of non-biodegradable materials including plastics, polythene and PVC materials. Because the area is a fishing community, most of the biodegradable materials were bye products of fish processing and human excrement. Climate change has also affected the level of the coastal land altitude. Erosion is the most significant effect of Climate change impact on the land. After the cleanup exercise, some lunch was organized again for the participants and they were given more urge to continue the cleanup exercise with or without supervision of external agencies. There was also a media interview with the assemblyman of the electoral area concerning how climate change affects his jurisdiction. He said tackling the climate change was beneficial to us all and would he would urge other local leaders to commit and mimic his stand to agree to fight the impact of climate change on society and environment. He was also happy that COP21 summit this year would help pave way to combat climate change with the presentations of the INDCs by the various Parties to the UN. He also urged that the world leaders should commit to more ambitious targets to help mitigate climate change and help provide the finances for development.

The cleanup exercise was a success, as most of the participants were now happy their surroundings were now clean and concerned about how their refuse disposal was not really a concern to most of those who usually visit their environment for sanitation related issues. Mr. Joseph Ofori was really grateful for the organized event.

Attached to this report are photographs of the community participants in the cleanup exercise. Various activities were captured during the event.

For interviews or additional information please contact; Mr. Kenneth Amoateng, Abibiman Foundation. Email:[email protected]/ 0506-766466, Aku Xornam Kevi, PAYDP Ghana Email: [email protected],0244-959170,

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