Acquaintance Of Suspected ISIS Recruiter Speaks

Abubakar Garba Osuman
An acquaintance of the man reported to be a suspected Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) recruiter, Bedhan Diallo, has told DAILY GUIDE that he is not comfortable about the reports posted so far regarding the man and others related to the subject.

Abubakar Garba Osuman, who is also a media practitioner, called for caution in handling the issue because ‘While I am not totally disputing the story, I wish to ask that we all consider the possibility that those reported to have joined ISIS could have gone elsewhere.’

The possibility of their going elsewhere to seek greener pastures should not be ruled out, he said.

Speaking specifically about Bedhan Diallo – the man reported to be behind the recruitment of persons suspected to have joined ISIS – Garba Osuman said the young man (Bedhan Diallo) was in constant telephone contact with his family in Mamobi in Accra.

Neither he nor the family of the man, he added, could tell the exact country in which he is currently because as he put it, he could mention a location which could turn out to be a ruse. He recalled how Bedhan sought his assistance to secure a scholarship to go and study in Sudan, but as the arrangement was not going through, he told him (Bedhan) that he had obtained one for Tunisia. ‘I cannot assure though that he is in the North African country,’ Osuman was quick to add.

‘Bedhan,’ he went on, ‘was born and bred in Mamobi in Accra and so he is a Ghanaian and not a Guinean as reported.’

Garba said Bedhan lost his father many years ago, pointing out that ‘When news about his ISIS links was broken his mother was shocked. He continues to talk to the Mamobi family though.’

Continuing he said, ‘I am a friend of Bedhan’s family. He is a prolific writer and his talents started manifesting even when he was only 16.’

Bedhan Diallo was constantly mentioned when news about Nazir Nortei Alema and others reportedly joining ISIS was broken – a report which prompted the National Security Secretariat to engage some editors to update them about the subject as a means of managing it in a manner that would not compromise their work and cause fear and panic.

The National Security Coordinator gave the assurance that there was no cause for alarm as his outfit was on top of the issue.

With this development that Bedhan Diallo was in constant telephone contact with his mother and others in Mamobi as disclosed by Abubakar Garba Osuman, perhaps important leads could follow, should security agents find this worthwhile.

By A.R. Gomda

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