About Us

Diamond Radio is a media platform that bridges the gap between the African diaspora and the Western world. Diamond Radio not only seeks to report the news, but to challenge and educate listeners through thought provoking discussions, spiritual guidance and political debates. Here at Diamond, we believe that education is the key to the future, which is why we aim to challenge our aspiring leaders through an unbiased narration of political and social events from the continent.

The term ‘Diamond’ embodies Africa as a Prism which reflects the rich, colourful tradition and culture of the land. Africa is a rapidly developing continent with an array of budding entrepreneurs, political leaders and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with; especially in Ghana. We at Diamond Radio therefore aim to be at the forefront in promoting the wave of this breakthrough.

Diamond Radio’s aim is to become Ghana’s most prominent media platform in Europe. Here at Diamond, we not only seek the facts, we seek the listener’s voice.


Diamond radio seeks to inform, engage, enlighten and delight to make a positive difference in the lives of Africans esp. Ghanaians in Europe.

Our Mission is to:

•       Provide quality local, national and international broadcast from Africa.

•       Provide broadcast and other forums with a grassroots local emphasis that promote creative, musical, and political vitality

•       Provide listeners with a broad range of art, culture, entertainment from Africa, initiate analysis and dialogue and promote understanding among people.

•       To be listener-supported community radio station that celebrates cultural diversity and is committed to equality, peace and economic justice.


To become the most successful African community media company in Europe.


The Shining Spark to Africa

Diamond Radio as featured on CNN inside Africa Edition.