A TV Breakfast Show For The People: ‘Adekye Nsroma’

If the duty of the media is to inform, educate and entertain, then ‘Adekye Nsroma’, the morning show of United Television (UTV), is doing an excellent job in this regard.

The show has gained a rising popularity and following among television viewers across the country and has become arguably the most watched television morning show in the country perhaps because of its vibrant interactive segment, mixed content, style of presentation and language.

‘Adekye Nsroma’is jointly hosted by ace legal practitioner Tweneboah Koduah and celebrated Akan broadcast journalist Adjoa Yeboah Agyei from 6am to 8:30am every weekday.

One of the most popular segments on the show is its keep fit segment. It has become common in many Ghanaian homes for people to wait for that particular segment and then join in the exercise while watching and listening to the keep fit instructor on the live show.

Many television viewers, who would otherwise not have engaged in any form of morning exercise, take advantage of the opportunity to keep fit.

Though the show is structured along the normal template of morning shows in the country—a review of the newspapers and discussion of current affairs laced with interviews—’Adekye Nsroma’ goes beyond the normal news content and delves into other issues relevant to its audience.

It has a health segment where health professionals are invited into the studio to give expert advice on health related matters ranging from managing stress, healthy eating habits, sleep patterns, enhancing libido and preventing common lifestyle diseases.

Experts are also invited to the studio to give practical guidance on how to save to buy property, be it a parcel of land, a house, a vehicle or even how to start a business with a very meagre capital.

One of the reasons ‘Adekye Nsroma’ is different from the other morning shows on TV is that it has a very interactive phone-in segment where the hosts and guests actually engage the viewers in a one-on-one interaction.

Some of the callers often make meaningful contributions and share ideas on whatever topic is up for discussion.

It also has a segment for sports, social and entertainment issues, fashion, inspiration and motivation, safety and childcare, crime and the law, safety and security and weather forecast.

‘Adekye Nsroma’ does not attract viewership from only Akan-speaking audience who may not be well versed in English, but equally attracts viewers who have a good command of English.

UTV is from the stables of the Despite Group of Companies, operators of Neat FM, Peace FM, Okay FM, and Hello FM.

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