2014 UPAC Basketball Championship Warm-up Tips Off November 29

The 2014 UPAC Basketball warm-up game will take place among four tertiary institutions in Ghana on November 29.

The four competition institutions include the University of Ghana, University of Professional Studies, Accra Polytechnic and Central University.

The one-day mini tournament will take place at the University of Ghana main basketball court, serving as a dress rehearsal to the main UPAC Basketball championship in February next year.

The mini tournament among the four selected tertiary institutions is expected to draw large crowd to the venue with the rivalry between Ghana Polytechnic champions Accra Polytechnic and former GUSA Champions University of Ghana expected to headline the one-day tournament.

It’s been a long, eventful time for the various teams ahead of what is expected to be a taciturn and exciting contest among the leading basketball tertiary institutions in the West African country. The game will officially tips off later this month but at least one storyline worth following is the philosophy and mental approach of the teams ahead of their involvement.

With the big talk over, consider the dog days of tertiary basketball with real basketball about to commence in earnest. Even those far from contention can get excited about the prospect of competition returning at its highest level.

While we know not every team is a contender at this juncture, we do know every organization plays the game for a reason. Some have immediate success on their minds, while some have tunnel vision for the future.

Regardless of where your team stands, we can rejoice that a new year is on the horizon.

Basketball is back, and there’s plenty to talk about. This year’s UPAC games is expected to be brewed with loads of ingredients such as stress, weather, fun, competition, friendship, bragging efficacy and team unity.

The tournament is being put together by Rite Multimedia- leaders in basketball development and promotion in Ghana.

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